About Me

Catching the evening’s dinner. Just kidding, I released this guy.


For the past several years, I’ve used this as an intermittent birding blog, a cooking blog, and a place to lament about the current American political climate. I’ve now made the transition to entirely cooking-related posts, and I hope to provide you, my lovely readers, with fun and simple recipes to help you stay healthy when there are loads of other obligations in your life. As a relatively anxious person, cooking has always been somewhat of a meditative pursuit for me. I look forward to the time I can set aside to focus on adding ingredients to a dish in the correct order, planning my meals for the week, and timing various dishes so they are done right at the same time.

I am currently a graduate student at Colorado State University studying wildlife biology (read: ducks) who spends most of my time either traversing wetlands in search of duck nests or staring at a computer screen willing the data I’ve collected to tell an interesting ecological story. My field work has taken me to Alaska, Mongolia, Montana, and the wilds of New Jersey, and I currently reside in Fort Collins, Colorado drinking more than a little bit of our local craft beer and exploring the magnificent landscapes around me.

I enjoy the challenge of cooking with local, seasonal ingredients and I have recently started trying to avoid processed grains whenever possible. That doesn’t mean you won’t see any sugary desserts on this blog, but I do try to create simple, plant-based meals most days that won’t break the bank or keep you slaving away in the kitchen for hours on end. I live with my bae, best bae, Adam, Pete the pup, and Aloo the potato of a cat who is more frequently known as Meowington the Third.


My boys (Adam, left, and Pete, right)
Me with my almost-study-species. I study cinnamon teal, but this is a blue-winged teal.


1069938_10200418109518673_2103785679_n (1)
Me in a “diel,” the traditional Mongolian garb. It gets pretty cold out on the steppe, so these warm garments are frequently a necessity.


Hopping a tidal slough on a small island off the coast of Alaska. Getting to see these remote landscapes is one of the highlights of my work as a wildlife biologist.


Aloo the cat. Named for her rotund potato-like shape.

One Reply to “About Me”

  1. How I love reading About Pages. Yours is cute, especially since you put images on too. Now I’m curious though, what would you write about if you had the time to write about something fun? What’s fun for you???

    May I say, what you have written already is cool. I can tell this is where your true passion lies. I suspect your readers appreciate you more for writing about what you love, which is pretty yummy ‘ta ’bout!!!


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