And We’re Off!


And we’ve stopped…

After about an hour of running last-minute errands (including renewing my expired registration oops) and waiting in at least a half an hour of road work traffic, it began to pour.  I spent my time idling on 95 checking the weather in Maryland where I was about to bird and camp.  Turns out there is a 90% chance of precipitation through the night tonight and it’s going to stay in the low 30’s all night.  The last time I checked the weather a day or two ago I seem to remember a 10% chance of precipitation and high 40’s predicted today, but what can you do.  While I have camped in the cold and rain plenty of times before, this is supposed to be a vacation, and shivering all night by myself in the middle of nowhere, Maryland does not sound especially idyllic right now.  After a few more minutes of inching along with the smell of burning asphalt permeating my car, I made an executive decision to delay my start by a day.  The team was devastated, but I think another night in a warm bed will boost their morale by tomorrow. Just kidding, I’m by myself. I’m staying with a friend in Maryland tomorrow night, so even if it rains tomorrow (which looks likely in the early morning) I will at least have a place to dry off and get warm after a day of birding.

The day was not for naught, however! I saw two Northern Harriers in places I never have before (one of which was like two seconds ago in my backyard…yay new yard bird) and I bought a wind-up radio so it’s not eerily quiet at any of my campsites.  If I can ever manage to leave this godfosaken town (whatever I capitalize bird names but not god), I will be sure to post about it for your reading pleasure.

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